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Ph: 8807000695

Service All Over Chennai

Our service centre provides service for all models of Home Appliance products all over Chennai. We have experienced technicians.

Ph: 8807000695

Air Condition Service

Our company provides service, installation and demo for split and window air conditions.

Ph: 8807000695

Refrigerator Service

Service is offered for all models of refrigerators. The response is quick and the service is very good.

Ph: 8807000695

Washing Machine Service

We provide service for all Washing Machine models. We also provide demo on how to use and the features of the machine.

Refrigerator Service Centres in Chennai

  • Refrigerator Demo
  • General Service 
  • Single Door / Double Door / French Door
  • Side by Side
  • All Brands Service Done
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Service Done on Weekend Also
  • Good Customer Support
  • ETC

Refrigerators are very common in every household. It has become a must for every kitchen. From storing cooked items in the refrigerator, storing vegetables, chocolates, cakes, etc. this kitchen appliance has become very important. There are many good brand which deals in making refrigerators of the high quality. All the refrigerators are made using the latest technology and after doing research to keep it up with the best standards. To know the features and cost contact our refrigerator service centers in Chennai. We will provide you all details on which is best for your requirement, which refrigerator suits best in your budget and also the features of the refrigerator. Apart from helping out in the sales we also provide service which is the main work of our fridge service centers in Chennai. Service is a very tough job and particularly service which involves lot of travelling. Customers are from different part of the city and we have to travel to their place. This involves travelling and hard work. We have technicians in our fridge service centres in Chennai who have the motto of providing quality service and quality customer support. 

There are many repairing issues with the fridge. They are fridge not cooling problem, fridge compressor problem, fridge door lock problem, etc. For any problems related to fridge do contact our fridge service centre in Chennai. Best to connect is to go through customer care call center helpline toll free number. This will enable the customer to get in contact with the executives and they will allot service technician. Refrigerators also requires demo. Although it is a simple concept there are many doubts in the minds of the customer regarding the usage of the refrigerators. In such time always contact our refrigerator service centers in Chennai. We will provide demo so it makes it easier for the customer to understand the features and the usage of the refrigerator. It will make them clear on details on which temperature is best for ice cube formation, should one keep liquid items in the top freezer, should the fridge be switched on all day long, is it ok to switch it off at regular intervals, etc. You can also contact us for general service and also for AMC. Our refrigerator service center in Chennai is the best for amc. We provide frequent checkups and this will help in keeping the appliance running in good condition without any repairs. Our refrigerator service centres in Chennai provides service all over Chennai.

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